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During my couple month stay in Bellingham, I had the great fortune to meet Juliet and have a consultation. I have explored ayurveda healing in the past, but it never quite stuck. Juliet’s insight and recommendations hit a cord and I am hooked. I felt so good about it, I purchased monthly visits for a year for both my daughters who attend Western Washington University!

Matt Cone
Pokhara, Nepal

Hi Juliet,

I just wanted to thank you for changing my life and quite probably saving me from having some major health issues down the road.  You may recall that you assessed my candida.  I had been going to Dr. for years complaining about leg aches, fatigue, foggy brain and many other symptoms and no one took the time to get to the bottom of it.  After my cleanse last year, my leg aches were gone and since I’ve been on a candida diet for months now, I have felt really well.  I just completed my second cleanse which was much harder than the first.  I had head aches and back aches.  However, I believe I went another layer or two deeper because again my aches and pains are gone.  There are two things that I notice the most.  One is that my senses are enhanced.  The second day of the cleanse, I went outside and I could smell the earth.  My eyes are not as dry and my vision clearer.  I was scheduled to get fitted for a hearing aide on Monday and I asked her to recheck my hearing. I still have some loss but she determined that it had improved enough to wait on the hearing aides.  But the biggest thing is a sense of peace and serenity.  I don’t remember when I’ve felt this calm.  I’m creating quilts again and have a sense of excitement about life.

I’ve been telling everyone I know to go to your next group cleanse session.

Travis Durnford

I love having the Ayurvedic Health Center & its staff as a resource here in Bellingham.  Juliet and Laura are very professional, helpful, and non-judgemental.  I went for a consult the first year it opened and was recommended a custom herbal formula to help with allergies I’ve had since childhood.  I was amazed at how effective it was!  I still need to take the formula from time to time but it beats allergies and the usual drugs that just relieve the symptoms. Ayurveda works at a deeper level.

And the Abhyanga massages are truly blissful and beneficial.

C. O.
Bellingham, WA