We offer a number of events, seminars and workshops encompassing education on nutrition, meditation, skincare, dinacharya, Vedic astrology, women’s health, and herbology to name a few. Events are designed for our community to experience and learn about the different healing aspects of Ayurveda. Community education supports our vision of sharing the wisdom of Ayurveda in order to provide a holistic approach for individuals to heal themselves and return to their natural state of optimal vitality and well-being.


Group Cleanse—Autumn 2017 @ Ayurvedic Health Center & Wellness Shop
Sep 16 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

This event listing is for our twice-yearly group cleanse. The end of summer (aka the Autumnal Equinox) is a wonderful time to get rid of excess Pitta dosha (aka the fire element) and to re-establish balance within yourself. Won’t you join us?

The informational workshop includes a complimentary kitcharee meal with herbal tea.

The dates of the cleanse (done at home) will be September 25 to 29, 2017.

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