About Us

Katrina Svoboda Johnson
Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Licensed Massage Practitioner, Certified Soma Practitioner, BioSomatics Movement Educator

Katrina Svoboda Johnson is the owner of the Ayurvedic Health Center & Wellness Shop LLC. She bought the business from its founder, Juliet Jivanti, in 2015.

Previous to owning the Ayurvedic Health Center, Katrina maintained a private practice for ten years in Structural Integration deep-tissue manual therapy, BioSomatics movement re-patterning, and yoga. Katrina studied Ayurveda for three years at the California College of Ayurveda in Nevada City, CA, including a nine-month supervised clinical internship. Katrina has deepened her studies of Ayurveda with Mary Thompson, Dr. Vasant Lad, Dr. Sarita Shrestha, and K. P. Khalsa. Further learning in the Vedic sciences of Jyotish (astrology), Palmistry, Vastu Shastra (the organization of space), herbology, and bodywork are on-going.

Katrina holistically interweaves timeless traditions with contemporary practices to support the client in making beneficial changes. All of the work that Katrina does is highly customized and is tailored specifically to the client. Education is a large component of this engaging and dynamic approach. So, too, is addressing the root cause of the discontent—whether in the physical structure, in the functional anatomy, or in the mental/emotional/spiritual body—rather than merely the symptoms. Katrina is deeply thankful to her students and clients and for their hard work.

Laura Ann Smith
Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Licensed Massage Practitioner, Somassage® Practitioner, and Certified Hypnotherapist

AHC_Laura_SmithLaura Ann Smith brings over 12 years of massage practice together with her training in Ayurvedic principles and therapies in order to provide deep and nurturing bodywork. Her treatments combine the ancient methods utilized in Ayurveda for nourishing and detoxifying with the intuitive touch of a practiced therapist. Laura has also been trained to serve clients with hypnotherapy to help explore and/or release mental or emotional habits that have become obstacles to happiness and spiritual emergence. Laura also provides bodywork and guidance to clients during the Panchakarma seasonal cleanse.

Ashlie LaLonde
Vibrational Medicine Practitioner and Certified Energy Healer

Ashlie is a graduate of The Earthwalk School of Energy Healing. Her approach combines cross-cultural methods based on ancient wisdom and philosophy blended with modern science. Ashlie’s methods focus on the East Indian chakra system and utilize Western philosophies of psychology and human development. Each session is designed around the client’s needs, based on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual state at the time. Sessions are focused on chakra clearing and balancing and on deep grounding work. Ashlie provides energy balancing for the nervous, lymphatic, spinal, and respiratory systems as well as for cancer. She utilizes breath, sound, color, light, aromatherapy, acutonics, and applied kinesiology, as needed, to assist in the process. Ashlie provides a compassionate, safe space to facilitate personal healing and growth.

Laura Mackie
Licensed Massage Practitioner

Laura Mackie is back at the Ayurvedic Health Center and is pleased to be seeing clients again and working with the wonderful team of practitioners here!  Laura will be offering single Abhyanga massage as well as working with Laura Smith in offering Dual Abhyanga massage individually and in conjunction with the Panchakarma cleanse.  Other treatment options include Cranial sacral therapy, Swedish or deep tissue massage, and pre/post-natal massage.  Her sessions are designed to increase awareness, and permeate flow/balance throughout the physical, emotional, and spiritual systems.  With intuitive touch, always growing knowledge of the body, and supportive spirit she helps guide her clients towards greater well-being. 

Summer Cushman
Artist, Minister, Yoga Therapist

Summer-Cushman--126Summer believes that authentic yoga practice has the power to change everything. She has personally experienced the transformative and healing power of regular personal practice and has witnessed it in the lives of her students, which she considers a great gift. Yoga is fundamentally about the reduction of suffering whether it exists on the physical, mental, or psycho-spiritual levels. Experiences of pain, challenge, and illness are an inevitable part of human life. While we may not be able to avoid this reality, we do have control in how we respond. Summer takes the time to understand her clients as the multi-dimensional people that they are and using the primary tools of yoga—breath, simple movement, awareness, relaxation, philosophical study, meditation, sound, prayer, and ritual—as well as teachings from Ayurveda, she works to empower them to respond to their situation in a personalized, engaged, and intentional way. She offers private sessions, a weekly group class, and specialized workshops.

A Northwest native, Summer earned her Bachelor of Arts in printmaking and art history from Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington. She earned her Master of Divinity degree with an emphasis in spirituality from Earlham School of Religion in Richmond, Indiana. She began practicing yoga in 2001 and received foundational training and certification from CITYOGA School of Yoga and Health in Indianapolis under the direction of Nikki Myers and Marsha Pappas. She received advanced training and certification as a 500hr Viniyoga Teacher under the direction of Gary Kraftsow at the American Viniyoga Institute in California. She is currently working toward her yoga therapy certification under the direction of Robin Rothenberg of Essential Yoga Therapy here in Washington State. Summer has led retreats and workshops throughout the country on such topics as spirituality, creativity and embodiment. She looks forward to exploring yoga and spirit with you here in Bellingham.

Please visit www.summercushman.com for more information or to schedule an appointment.